Lighting for in the Christmas collection:


Royal Christmas uses several lighting systems:

- Prelit in several colors: the micro lamps are warmer than LED but use more electricity.
- LED Releasable: option when bulb is broken you could replace this bulb.
- LED Rise lighting: smaller warm LED lighting, can not be replaced.
- LED Battery: used most for garlands and wreaths, is for inside- and outside use.
- Multi color: could be in micro lamps or LED, colors are mix: red, yellow, blue and green.
- Switch: to limit the strongness / power of the lamps.
- Connector: most used for garlands, were max. 5x connector can be attached to 5x items.


 Example - Easy Lighting Connection / Tree Pass - FBU - Fast Build Up / Spruce Line:

 Example Tree Pass - Spruce Line

 Example - Foot Switch On / Off - FBU - Fast Build Up / Spruce Line:

 Example Foot Switch On / Off - Spruce Line

We can deliver all plugs:

Europe Plug FPlug EPlug G

Energy Label - LED lighting:

            LED lightning 0.02w ( 70L=1.4W, 100L=2W, 200L=4W)

Energy Label LED lighting

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