Materials, packing, lighting, test reports and building systems


Royal Christmas uses several kinds of materials for the production, or we even mix materials in our Christmas collection to get the most realistic appearance.

Please see below the materials we use:

The artificial Christmas trees are manufactured from PVC, PE and PP / mix materials.

PE (POLY ETHYLENE) material:
PE Material

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As real as it gets! PE Artificial Christmas trees are made of special PE material, which is poured into a mold so you almost get a copy of a real branch. (Soft needles / tips)


PVC Material


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The PVC Artificial Christmas trees are made ​​of high quality PVC material.

PP (POLY PROPYLENE) / mix material:

PP Material

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The PP Artificial Christmas trees are made from a unique mix of PVC and PP materials. As real as it gets! (Hard needles / tips)

Flock (snow) material:

Flock Material

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The Flock Artificial Christmas Trees exists of PVC branches with snow sprayed on. Especially of our Flock / snow is that it doesn't cease.

Packing of Royal Christmas:

Royal Christmas general sells in the Royal Christmas luxury packing. We believe that the final consumer has attention for this. If the customer does not want to have their items in Royal Christmas boxes, we can also produce the goods in:



Please see the photos below.

- Royal Christmas packing
- Also possible: Brown, and blue boxes
- Brown boxes for promotional items
- Depends on the total order amount if special boxes are possible

Royal Christmas packing Royal Christmas packing
Royal Christmas Packing - Deluxe Line - Details
Royal Christmas Packing - Deluxe Line - Details
Royal Christmas Packing - Premium Line - Details
Royal Christmas Packing - Premium Line - Details

Packing White Packing Brown

Royal Christmas packing consists of:

- Multi-layer packing, so it is extra strong
- Handles for carrying
- 2x side color photos
- Clear manual / instruction inside the box
- Article numbers and barcodes

Test reports / company requirements

Royal Christmas has BSCI certification and we assist the customer. All Christmas articles are flame-retardant treated. For factory audit we welcome inspectors. Royal Christmas fulfills to the latest test reports on their items. We fulfill for each country the requirements. Our customers do not need to worry about this, as this is an all including service of the order. Also customers can send their own inspection team, to do inspection during the production, or when we are loading the containers.

Please, see the list of all certifications below:

Royal Christmas - Certifications

Royal Christmas - Flame-Retardant Treated - NEN EN 71-2


Lighting for in the Christmas collection:

Royal Christmas uses several lighting systems:

- Prelit in several colors: the micro lamps are warmer than LED but use more electricity.
- LED Releasable: option when bulb is broken you could replace this bulb.
- LED Rise lighting: smaller warm LED lighting, can not be replaced.
- LED Battery: used most for garlands and wreaths, is for inside- and outside use.
- Multi color: could be in micro lamps or LED, colors are mix: red, yellow, blue and green.
- Switch: to limit the strongness / power of the lamps.
- Connector: most used for garlands, were max. 5x connector can be attached to 5x items.


 Example - Easy Lighting Connection / Tree Pass - FBU - Fast Build Up / Spruce Line:

 Example Tree Pass - Spruce Line

 Example - Foot Switch On / Off - FBU - Fast Build Up / Spruce Line:

 Example Foot Switch On / Off - Spruce Line

We can deliver all plugs:

Europe Plug FPlug EPlug G


 Energy Label LED lighting:


Energy Label LED lighting

Building systems:

There are several ways to build up the trees:

- Hook-on: this way the tree is build up were the branches need to be hooked on the pole.
- Hinged: the branches are connected to the pole and the tree consists of 3x parts.
- Wrapped: the branches are wrapped to the tree, Royal Christmas offers this system for promotional trees.
- 1 minute tree: in 2008 Royal Christmas signed this build system to speed up the standing of the tree.
   This is a hinged system combined with that the tree opens up it selves. This unique system offers customers that they do not need to open / unfold trees anymore.
   In 1 minute the tree of 7 ft. / 210 cm is ready for decoration!

- FBU (Fast Build Up): these trees with integrated warm LED are selected for total convenience of the customer. Easy lighting connection (integrated in the pole), easy on / off foot pole switch, easily branches to unfould with hinged system. Insert the 3 tree parts, insert the power plug into the wall, turn on the lights by pressing the button on the foot switch. Your tree is ready! You can easily turn off the lights by pressing the power button on the foot switch again.


- The height of the tree includes the metal foot.

Example, tree height is including metal foot:

Artificial Christmas Tree height is including the metal foot  


Example hook-on construction:  

Hook-on construction

 Example hinged construction:

 Hinged construction

 FBU - Fast Build Up - Construction:

 FBU - Fast Build Up - Construction

 Example wrapped construction:

 Wrapped construction

Example 1 Minute Tree construction

Unique with Royal Christmas is this sensational system, which saves you lots of time and effort.With the 1 Minute tree system of Royal Christmas you never need to unfold a tree again. This tree comes in three or more hinged sections which, when put together, instantly assume the form of a fully shaped Christmas tree, allowing you to begin decorating within five minutes.The tree has heavy-duty PVC tips that require no additional shaping for the life of the tree, and will not crush during storage. It has a strong steel center pole, and the stainless steel cores in each tip support the heaviest of ornaments. Just connect the different parts, open the hinged branches and your tree is ready! In the demonstration film you can see how fast you can build up this tree.The tree is always packed in a strong storage box with handles, so you can easily pack and store the tree after the holidays.Of course this tree is made off flame retardant material for your safety. On the detail photos beneath you can see how beautifully detailed the branches of this tree are.

- Top quality! - '1 Minute System'
- Very detailed - Full / dense model
- Strong tips / branches - Hinged construction
- Strong storage box with handles - Including strong metal foot
- Clear description - Flame-retardant

1 Minute Trees


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