Test Reports / Company requirements

Royal Christmas has BSCI certification, is REACH certified and we assist the customer. For factory audit we welcome inspectors. Royal Christmas fulfills to the latest test reports on their items. We fulfill for each country the requirements. Our customers do not need to worry about this, as this is an all including service of the order. Also customers can send their own inspection team, to do inspection during the production, or when we are loading the containers.


The BSCI is an initiative of the Brussels-based Foreign Trade Association (FTA) and ensures compliance with socially responsible and ethical buying practices. The BSCI is committed to promoting a socially responsible supply chain, based on the labor standards of the ILO (International Labor Organization). The ultimate aim is to promote certification according to standards such as SA8000 and sustainable working conditions in factories around the world. Royal Christmas has BSCI certification.

REACH is a European regulation on chemicals. The abbreviation stands for Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. The core of REACH is that an enterprise risk management in the use of the substance, of all substances it produces, processes or passes on to customers, must identify the risks and measures must recommend to manage those risks. Royal Christmas is REACH certified.

All Christmas articles are flame-retardant treated.

All Christmas articles are flame-retardant treated - NEN EN 71-2

Please, see the list of all certifications below:

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